Saturday, December 1, 2012

Sept, Oct, Nov Foster Pup Photos

September, October, and November brought many special pups into my life. I had Trixie, Valerie, Vanna, Violet, Braddock, Bethany, and Bella. Aren't they gorgeous?
Vanna, Valerie, and Violet
Bethany and Braddock Bella is adopted, and I'm taking care of her while her "foster-to-adopt" family is out of town. Sidenote: I signed up today for MilitaryPets Foster Project; I'll let you all know if a military pet gets placed with me for foster in case of a servicemember's deployment.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bumper, My Little Trooper

I am happy to announce that our family has taken on a special foster puppy, "Bumper." It is reasonable to assume that he is named "Bumper" due to our assumption that he was hit by a car, which caused an injury to his leg. What a sweet little guy he is, precious in every way. He has a very nice bright green cast, which doesn't seem to bother him in the slightest. Bumper is available for adoption at Franklin County Humane Society. Bumper's leg is going to heal nicely, thanks to the lovely folks at Franklin County Humane Society. If you are interested in adopting this baby, go to to submit an inquiry. See Bumper with his cast on our YouTube video

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Marley, All Smiles

What a beauty! Marley is a sweet female lab mix that's available for adoption right now at Franklin County Humane Society. She loves to play, make new friends, and hang out with her people. I hear she's great with kids. Please share this post on your Facebook page, and together we may find this girl a comfortable new home. Click here for More Photos of Marley

Saturday, August 4, 2012

I haven't posted in awhile, but I've been busy. My husband and I separated on May 6, 2012. Needless to say, it has been devastating to me and to the children. I've kept fostering, though, and I need to remember that this blog is a fun distraction. I'll try not to ignore it. Check out the folks I've fostered lately... notice that there's one species in there that doesn't quite belong...

Saturday, March 24, 2012

"Spyro" and "Sonic Boom" are nice names for puppies

I question my own judgment when I allow the children to name the foster puppies. "Spyro" and "Sonic Boom" are our current foster pups, named by our very own video-game-obsessed 6-year-old, Alex. Do you know anyone who is interested in adopting a puppy soon? These guys are available in about two weeks, and they are angelic! Don't worry, you can change their names!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Gem, Gabe, Georgia, Gabrielle, Gail

These pups, from my most recent litter of foster puppies, are available for adoption at Angels of Assisi. Go to for more information.
Gabe, the only little boy. Sweet and gentle. At about three lbs, he is the largest of the litter (and still so small!) A lucky family will adopt this little guy.

Gabrielle, playful and all puppy. Loves naps, great with kids. Skips around your feet, loves attention.

Quiet, sweet puppy Gail. So precious. Lap dog, or should I say "lap puppy?" Those are few and far between. Most puppies don't stop for a lap until naptime.

Gem, shy at first but warms up easily. Soft, furry kisses are her specialty.

Tiny little runt of the litter, Georgia is also timid at first but the most lovey of all when getting attention. She is so teeny!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


We all enjoy sleep.

Some folks enjoy it more than others though. It is fair to say that most people require more sleep than I do. Sleep is okay, I guess. I mean, I need my rest. I lay my head on a pillow (or six) every night. Having said that, I will say that some of y'all sleep WAY too much.

Just this week, I have been turned down for pre-work coffee at a coffee shop by two co-workers because they wanted to sleep in. I have been ditched for a late-night-out because the people I was with were "too tired." I feel like every time I turn around, I hear "NO". And when I question it, the answer is always, "Because I'm too tired."

What is so tiring? Why is everyone around me exhausted?

I want to scream, "There is LIFE out here! Come on out, join me!"

There are an elite few people, an estimated 1-3% of the population, that are known as "short sleepers." I have to find these folks and hang out with them.


Famous personalities cited to be short sleeping are T. Jefferson, Da Vinci, B. Franklin. Presently, several of those short sleeping are usually gravitating towards being bloggers, videogames designers, software developers & into social media wherein their sleep behaviours are ideally suited.

Isn't that interesting?

I understand from several articles that I am more than likely classifying myself as a short sleeper when I am not one indeed. However, it is much more fun to think that I have a hDEC2 gene variation, which makes me require less sleep than my peers.

((((Yawn...))) Well, it is time for me to go to sleep. It is 10:27 p.m., so it is way past my bedtime. I'll finish this blog post, including how my ramblings about sleep relate to fostering dogs, on the next go-round...